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The building participates in the Altogether Recycling program from GFL Environmental. The Altogether Recycling program allows tenants to combine recyclable items all in one container. Recyclable material includes paper, newspaper, window envelopes, sticky notes, plastic items with “1” through “7” in the triangle on the bottom, aluminum cans/foil, and glass. Containers should be emptied and rinsed before being put into recycling bins. All other waste such as food, beverage, food wrappers, paper towels, tissues, etc. should be put into trash receptacles. To ensure the maximum amount of recycling, everyone’s under-desk trash container will be for recycling only. Not putting liners in waste baskets at each person’s desk helps reduce operating costs and gets everyone thinking consciously about recycling in their under-desk container. Additionally, liners are not recyclable.

Disposal of food/wet waste goes into centralized locations (kitchen, break room, etc.). Tenants can purchase the recycling containers directly from GFL Environmental or purchase them from an office supply vendor.

In addition, there is an Electronic & Battery Recycling box located on the Loading Dock. Any used electronic devices or batteries can be placed in the box, and Genesis Recycling will pick those up when the box is full. Contact the Management Office if you have questions regarding electronic recycling.

We request full building participation in the recycling program in order to continue our LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold Certification.